365 Day Appliance Repair Warranty

Problem: Charlatans, Hacks, Parts Changing Monkeys, and Fly-By-Night repair companies

A common problem in the appliance repair trade are "technicians" who don't know how to properly diagnose today's complex appliances. These technicians cannot confidently say that their repair will fix your problem and when it doesn't, they make you pay for their next guess. They either have no appliance repair warranty or you can't get them back out to fix the problem.

These "parts changing monkeys" (PCMs) are ripping people off, either knowingly or through willful ignorance. They are a detriment to the appliance repair trade and to those who take pride in their work. Very few of them will take ownership of the mistake and make it right.

Brethren of the craft Samurai Appliance Repair Man has a great article that goes into more depth on this issue. How choosing the wrong repair company can affect you and how to identify a charlatan, hack, or PCM.

The Solution

Lubbock Appliance Repair is owned and operated by Michael Moore, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Texas Tech University. He's repaired appliances professionally since 2005 and is very knowledgeable in the electronic control systems that today's appliances use. Michael uses this knowledge and expertise to train our technicians to be the best in town.

We take pride in our work and are constantly training and learning about new appliances. Every day we become more efficient in troubleshooting and performing repairs. We stay up to date with the newest and greatest on the market. We attend training conferences all over the US and learn directly from factory training.

Simply put, we are confident in our repairs. We set the standard by offering the best appliance repair warranty around:

Our appliance repair warranty is good for 365 days!

We strive for excellence in all of our work and stand by it 100%. If, for any reason, our repair does not solve the problem it was intended to fix or if the repair fails within 365 days, we will make it right with one of the following options:

A - we determine why the repair failed and apply 100% of the original repair cost towards the required repair, if any.

B - we apply 100% of the original repair cost (minus the service call) towards the purchase of a replacement appliance from us.

This appliance repair warranty is null & void if the cause of failure is determined to be from: lack of preventative maintenance, user neglect or misuse, commercial or business use, damage from rodents or insects, electrical surges, or from not having a needed repair performed.